2018 Show Line-up

Beers About Songs  -  Original songs outline a tale of love, loss and drunkenness. "Beers About Songs" communicated an underlying theme that will make you both laugh and cry. With personal stories and touching songs, it is guaranteed to make you open your eyes to the world of relationships.

sTRUMPpets: Ship of Fools - On treacherous seas, the ship of state sails on with 45, Count Bannoncula, Conway Twitter, and the rest of the sTRUMPpets singing and dancing their Bunraku puppet selves toward the apocalypse. Think Orange Man has made “America Great Again”? This show’s not for you. Or maybe you need it.

Let's Talk About Some Shit - Returning from last year's fringe, "That's Inappropriate's" Emmeline Tober, (that's me!) returns to the festival with her (well, my) newest comedy show, "Let's Talk About Some S**t". After abandoning the idea of naming my show, "The Tragically Hilarious Tales of a Big Blonde's Adventures with the Single Life, Bad Weather, Fear of Aging, Guys vs Gals, Muppet Intimacy, Modern Dating, Jeff Bridges, and A Few More Sexual Topics One Shouldn't Put In A Title", I decided that would be hell to try to fit on a postcard, so I kept it simple. Immature Audiences Only.

Figmentally - Imagine Charlie Chaplin stumbles into a painting by Salvador Dalí; that should give a sense of the genre-defying show, Figmentally. DIve into the world of a curious writer whose uncontrollable imagination takes over her story and life. Brought to life through comedy improv, magic, unexpected puppetry, acrobatic dance, and playful audience immersion.

Mary Brave Eyes - It’s 1969 and Americas Melting Pot is all a bubble just before the Apollo 11 moon landing, while somewhere in Northern California an eleven year old girl and her new friends, bravely stand up to the bullies in the neighborhood. Mary Braves Eyes, an adventurous magical tale— where love embraces hate, and goodness triumphs over ignorance. A Play in One Act by Karen Leigh Sharp (c 2017) Recommended for ages 11 to 100

The Meno-Posse - Is it hot in here or is it just us? Lindsay Dunckel (awarded Best of Fringe for the 2017Nugget Summer Mini Fringe) will warm you up with some midlife standup and then will join in improv hijinks with Lois Ewing (multiple Elly award winner) and friends.

Billy Riggs Statement - Rich Fisher stars in this indearingly horrific Scott Ewing piece about the tug between getting involved and minding one's own business. Billy has been in trouble before. He has done some pretty unlawful things. Now, he is content to sit on the porch with his cigs and beer. But something startling is going on across the street. Does he save the baby, or let it die? Not suitable for un-adults.

Let's Misbehave -Another Burlesque Experience - Winner of last year's Best of Fringe, Nevada County’s own Truth or Dare Dance Troupe is back with the Let’s Misbehave sequel. That’s right we’re teaming up with the Fringe again to bring you even more sexy comedy entertainment. It will make you laugh, feel silly and want to see it again. These risqué burlesque artists always make a real impression as they flaunt their unique talents with unparalleled glamour and pleasantry. Please, come see these magnificent performers, they will dazzle and delight all throughout the night.

Truth or Dare, with Damiian Mario Lang - Damiian is the subject of the game Truth or Dare. All challenges will be accepted. WARNING: Damiian is unpredictable, certain to cause lol trouble, yet he's harmless, your heart may break. Audience members will have the option to play. His boundaries of emotional, physical and psychological vulnerability will be tested. Bring the kids! 14 and up. He brings to the stage characters, costumes and crazy true stories. This man is known to be highly provocative & humorous. Expect the unexpected.

Time Out: Take a sadhu to Paris - Eleanor Scott tells the story of how she lost her favorite job from the coolest place she ever worked. Reasons for the heart-breaking dismissal include a a sadhu in India, Elena Ferrante, a “special doctor,” a brilliant experiential education platform, a new friend, some men who explain things to women, the Tibetan buddhist practice of tonglen, and the usual cocktail of wishful and delusional thinking. In her search to understand, Eleanor is surprised by grace and love that transcends it all at the Picasso Museum in Paris.

FRIENDLY RIVALRIES - Which is better Canada OR California? Which is better Stand-up OR Storytelling? Which is better Wine OR Whiskey? 2 out of 3 of those questions will be answered as Canadian Import & Hilarious Stand-up, Jori Phillips takes on award winning Storyteller Jaye Lee Vocque in this battle to end all battles!

An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself - Dorothy, aka Death, is back with an even newer face. New material! New songs! She meets Death in a bar, and off to a Denny's they go; 49 days later she replaces him. "Douglass Truth is the love-child of Eddie Izzard and Lily Tomlin." “Funny, engrossing, heretical, beautiful.”

Ask Death - Look out: Dorothy — Death, Herself — is on the road with a new show. She's promoting the idea that Making Friends With Death might not be such a terrible idea. You will probably smile. You might well laugh. You might even survive. You will not be asked to sing.

Fringe Factor: Nugget Edition - A live game show featuring Nugget Fringe artists! Locals compete against visitors in a series of fun, high-energy challenges. Two teams, six contestants, one guest musician, and a host trying to hold it all together. The prize is their dignity and your approval.

Keeping Up with the Jorgensons - The year is 1982. Reagan is President, E.T. is released, and Jeremy takes a road trip with his week-end father to Orange County. Forced to repeatedly tickle his father’s feet, sleep in his grandmother’s bed and go to an unknown relative’s wedding, he’ll do and say anything that will secure a visit to the most magical place on Earth: Disneyland. Directed by Mark Kenward, and produced by John Hamilton.

All That Jazz! - San Francisco based ALL THAT JAZZ! takes musical improv to a new level with singing, dancing, period costumes and multi-instrumentalist actor/musicians creating magic before your eyes. Audiences are transported back in time to the Golden Age of Jazz (1920s-50s) with a bevy of beauties and hoard of handsomes as they create a once-in-a-lifetime story.

Sari, Not Sorry - A true and humorous account about the life of a first generation East Indian woman who has rebelled against almost every cultural norm.

Name-tag Blues - Go behind behind the name-tag with interviews gone wrong, bosses given the finger, drug tests thwarted, resumes embellished, customers offended and the ups and downs of getting hired, fired, used, abused, subdued and unglued in solo tribute to the plight of the proletariat schmuck.

Good Clean Humor - Barry Stukin aka Ganga returns to the FRINGE with Good Humor Stand-up comedy that tastes good and never insults - improv too!

Accordion Fight Show - Accordion folk-punk raconteur Strangely is back on the road with his newest production: "Accordion Fight Show. His multi-award winning performance style combines with new numbers, stunts, and stories. This promises to be an epic evening like no other, full to the brim with sing-alongs, action and heart. Bring extra pants.

Fight for 52¢ - Vincent Raymond Dunne’s whole life and character had prepared him for the Minneapolis truck drivers’ strikes of 1934. The strikes victories would lead to the organizing of over 250,000 workers into the union and change America forever. The history you never learned in school, and its lessons for today.

The Lynx Show - The Lynx Show is a hysterical interactive magic and oddities attraction. This show has everything from sword swallowing to jaw dropping magical stunts that is intertwined with story telling. Not only is it heart stopping but it leaves you begging for more!

Everyone's a Hero with Someone Else's Tit - Your checklist when you turn 40: 1. Mammogram? Check. 2. Breast cancer? Check. .... Wait, what? Oh *%^$&#@(!@($&%*!!!!!! A woman's journey through a tough moment, involving some crying, some laughing, some people trying to help, others just driving you nuts… and fortunately with a happy ending. There is a moral somewhere in there... find it! Director: Kiara Pipino. Design & Dramaturg: Jason Flannery. Show image by Jason Flannery. Recommended for: teenagers, adults, elderly, theatre community, LGBTQ community, cancer survivors.

Chase the Entertainer - Magic, comedy, and variety entertainment ranging from sideshow stunts to mind blowing original comedy and magic. Chase the Entertainer honed his act on San Francisco’s pier 39 stage and the street on fisherman’s wharf entertaining people of all ages from all over the globe.

My First Miracle - I’m standing in the middle of a football stadium full of people. They think they’re here for a Rolling Stones concert, but they’re really here for me. The Stones are about to come on and I see in front of me a girl on crutches. My first miracle – I’m gonna make her walk. An insider’s look at bipolar mood disorder.

relaxing the GIANT: Fully Charged - relaxing the GIANT returns to the Nugget Fringe Festival to promote its debut record, Fully Charged, which is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more! #relaxing the GIANT, #rtG, #CDBaby, #iTunes, #Amazon, #FullyCharged The band once again morphs into a duo of Paul Sullivan and Chris O'Flaherty to share songs from the record and also perform a few classic, off the beaten trail covers. The band's sound is guitar-based power-pop. Influences include Bowie, Iggy and the Stooges, Neil Young, Smiths, Morrissey, Pixies, Crowded House to name a few. We look forward to playing a show in this year's Nugget Fringe Festival!

Return to the Scene of the Crime - David Kleinberg returns to Vietnam for the first time in 50 years to visit where his buddies died and try to perform his acclaimed show on the Vietnam war, "Hey, Hey, LBJ!", under threat of arrest from the communist government. Oh, my! An amazing journey of one man going back to face his past.

The Mondegreen - Guilt. For years and years. Until the night when snow, a tattoo and a mondegreen shifted everything.

Implausibly Delicious: The Magic of Tim Mannix - Tim Mannix is a comedy magician and mentalist, whose experience includes everything from Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle to touring California with his Wacky Science show. Mannix's show is rated “H” for hilarious and his celebrity clients have included Angelina Jolie, Hilary Swank, Roseanne Cash, Michael Learned and Kate Jackson.

An eclectic mix of cutting edge performances from around the world