Time to Shine is the theme for our July 21st to 23rd mini summer celebration of all things fringe.


With just one venue at The Holbrooke Hotel, each show will have only one performance and there will only be 18 performances total.  Signups are happening now, here, on our website.  Some slots have already been taken.

The Time to Shine theme honors the bold, the creative, the adventurous, risk taking artists baring it all without a net.  This mini Nugget Festival truly is your time to create something, anything, big or small. The fringier, the wackier, the bolder the better.  Sign up here to do your own show or take part in one of three variety shows designed specifically to showcase your unique gifts.

Sideshow Bob’s Creeps, Freaks and Geeks is a weird, wacky, wonderful collection of tongue in cheek fun. Can you turn your tongue upside down, sit on your own head, touch your left elbow with your left hand? This show is for you!  Think The Gong Show but without all the shaming.  If it’s fun and funky, this is the show for you.  Click here to sign up.

Uncastables – Is there some role you really want to play but you know you’ll never get cast for?  Scott Ewing will be singing Tomorrow as Little Orphan Annie.  If there is a dream role you’re not quite right for, sign up to be in the Uncastables variety show.  Sing, dance, condense a whole show, do a monologue . . . anything goes . . . as long as you would otherwise never be cast in the role.  Click here to sign up.

Time to Shine – This is your opportunity to go big, dig deep and shine bright.  If you’ve got a little morsel, a little nugget, a short scene you’ve written, an original monologue or ukulele song and your nugget isn’t long enough to be its own show, sign up and strut your stuff in this celebration of all things lively art.  It’s an all-arts version of America’s Got Talent without the judges. Click here to sign up.

We’ll also have acts from out of the area on tap, so individual slots are extremely limited.  Click here to view available time slots.  Got your own show? Got a sketch team together? Sign up here today! When they're gone, they're gone.   Register now!  Give Scott a call to discuss details.

Scott Ewing

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